Website Support and Maintenance Services


Your website is complete, looking cool and sounding fresh. (We know because we made if for you.) The next step is to keep it up-to-date with website maintenance. Let Olive Street’s team deal with all the behind-the-scenes upkeep to your website; we’ll keep it current with specials updates, address changes, or new features to your business.
Maintenance cost: $95/hour for all support and maintenance services.


Errors and Omissions
It is the nature of websites to need periodic maintenance from the high traffic of browser viewing and use of third party tools, which are regularly updated, and eventually some version may not be supported. While OSD assumes responsibility for fixing any errors and omissions within our control, it is crucial to understand that we do not cause all website issues and therefore cannot fix all of the problems for free. We are prepared to fix any issue your website may face, but we do charges for the problems caused by external factors.


As the sole maintenance provider for your website, if an outside party makes changes to your website, resulting in OSD providing updates or fixes, it is not considered errors and omissions on the part of OSD.


Website Hosting
OSD is accountable for the performance of the websites developed by OSD and hosted by OSD’s hosting partners. OSD will provide support services to clients whose websites are not hosted on OSD servers; however, the services will be limited to the website code developed by OSD. Hosting and server support for OSD developed websites hosted by other providers is the responsibility of the client and/or hosting provider. Website performance can be affected by changes to a server environment, which can require maintenance or updates to the website. Should this type of website update be necessary, it will not be considered “errors and omissions on the part of OSD.”


Third Party Content Management Systems
Your website’s operations may be impacted as a result of third party content management systems changes, such as Drupal and WordPress, causing website maintenance. Upgrades, plugins, themes, and other customizations caused by the third-party software will not be considered “errors and omissions on the part of OSD.”


Integrated Third Party APIs
Third Party API’s, such as Twitter, Constant Contact, and Flickr, may impact website performance, causing maintenance to the website. Issues caused by or in combination with new or updated third-party software will not be considered “errors and omissions on the part of OSD.”

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Relax- we’ll keep your website clean and fresh for you.

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